Working For Wow


Our employees enjoy a complete service package.

We aim to provide our employees with top-notch services. We’re all about long-term employment, and we try to match each person with a job that fits their skills and personality. Our work schedule is typically 3 weeks long, meaning 3 weeks of work on the barge, and then 3 weeks of paid rest at home. And if you’re traveling a long way to work, don’t worry, we help sort out the transportation to and from the barge.

Competitive salary

Salaries start at 2,000 euros a month before tax, and there are extra opportunities for overtime and performance bonuses. Making sure our workers are paid on time is really important to us.

Top notch health insurrance

In addition to the general government insurance coverage through S1, all our workers receive an additional top-quality Allianz international health insurance package. This ensures you are well-protected, no matter where you are.

Social benefits

We pay social contributions for our workers to make them elligable for old age pension, paid sick leave, invalidity pension and of course health care in the country of residence through the S1 certificate with European Health Insurance Card.

Career development

All our workers have the opportunity to grow and progress in their careers. You can even work their way up from deckhand to captain.


We have transportation arrangements by offering buses for all employees from Gdansk, Nowe Miasto Lubawskie, Torun, Poznan, Radom, and Warszawa to ensure a hassle-free commute to and from the barge.

Looking for well paid cross border work?

Experience is helpfull but not required. We provide all our recruits with all necessary health-checks, sailor book and clothing, which will be completely reimbursed by us when 3 shifts of work are completed.


You can find all WoW Maritime’s vacancies on JobWave – the maritime recruitment platform


There are several ways to apply to for maritime jobs with WoW Maritime Ltd.

1. Contact our office directly

2. Get in touch with our Recruitment Partner

Flexbox Crewing doesn’t only help us out with finding recruits, they can also find other maritime companies for you to work when it does’t fit with us.

Flexbox Crewing Poland

Flexbox Crewing Netherlands

Flexbox Crewing application forms


For applications and requests

To apply  or request more information please contact us through the details given bellow or fill out the form on the right.


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